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Tech Pays in Europe

This Today I learned post is slightly different from the others. While the previous ones were about specific technologies, tools, or specifications I learned more about while working as a software developer; this one is about a great project I'd like to present to you.

It's about a website called Tech Pays in Europe . Talking about your salary, how much you earn and how much your colleagues earn is still mysterious, especially in Germany, where I work and live.

And with mystery, I mean many people don't talk about it. And that's not a good thing because, as an employee, you need to realize what you're worth to a company and what you can demand financially. A lot of people should be paid way more than they are. But they don't know that because they don't talk about it much with others, their peers and colleagues.

This is slowly changing, and more and more people are trying to start a conversation about it. Tech Pays in Europe tries to encourage that by enabling people to add their compensation to the website anonymously.

The website already has a lot of listings by people who submitted their salaries. You can filter it by countries; you can see their exact role and sometimes even the actual company they work for.

This is a great initiative to lift the taboo on tech compensation in Europe, and I hope more and more people will add their salary to the website to help people to realize the actual value of their job.

Greetings Marco

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