Developer Diaries 12

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👨🏻‍💻 Work

This month was a “boring” month. I put boring in quotes because it was the good kind of boring: nothing too stressful, complex, completely unexpected, and a lot of regular and steady Work. It felt like I’m doing a routine, which I greatly enjoy.

It gave me time to reflect on why I like freelancing, what I enjoy, and what I want to accomplish. And I always return to this: I like building great websites. I like it a lot when I can help people to get their business out there on the web.

📝 Blog Posts of the Month

The only blog post I wrote this month was my recap of the previous month. While in the month before, writing felt natural to me, and I enjoyed it, I could not find any motivation to write this month.

I don’t know if it felt like that because I was missing inspiration or could not find the topics that interested me so much that I would want to write about them. But I tried to embrace it and pause writing until I had fun with it again without feeling bad about it.

So here’s the blog post of the last month:

🎓 TIL Posts of the month

Here are the Today-I-learned posts of April:

🏡 Life

We had our first minor holiday this year and went for four days to Vienna. A friend ran the half marathon there, and we were the support crew. I love to explore a city by walking around without a specific goal and eating a lot of delicious food.

The weather in Vienna was amazing. When we left our home, it was cold and rainy, and as soon as we came close to Vienna, we had four days of sunshine and blue sky all the time. So beautiful. Although it was just a short holiday, it was terrific, and we had a great time.

🏋🏻‍♀️ Fitness

I got a new tattoo this month! But this also meant: no sport for at least two weeks. It felt easier than expected. I thought not working out for two weeks would be more challenging for me.

But I was also happy to start again at the end of this month. I took it slowly to not stress my skin too much, and it felt good!

📚 Reading

The same lack of inspiration for writing also occurred in my motivation to read. I didn’t finish a single book this month. It’s not that I didn’t read. It’s more that I didn’t read close to how much I read otherwise.

But again, I tried not to force it and just be okay with it. It could be the books I read currently or a lack of desire for Reading. But that’s fine because it’ll change soon.

🕹Video Games

I started playing Star Wars: Jedi Survivor at the end of this month! I did not have this on my list, but I recently saw a few videos on Youtube. It looked amazing, and without too much research, I just bought it on launch day.

I’m just a few hours in, but I already enjoy it a lot. The story is excellent, the graphics are very good (even on my Xbox series s), and it’s a lot of fun. I can recommend it! It reminded me a lot of playing a Star Wars game years ago, so it brought up a lot of nostalgia.

That’s it for the Developer Diaries in April 2023! See you next month!

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