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The optimization of websites for search engines has always been a mystery to me. There seemed to be so many factors that get used to calculate how a page gets ranked on a search engine like google. I even learned how page ranks get calculated during my master's degree.

Still, it was always a bit hard for me to understand what to optimize for, concerning keywords and content.

One thing though where SEO is very clear to me is from a technical point of view. I know that Google ranks websites better that are fast, accessible, and in great shape technology-wise.

Thanks to different tools and my knowledge as a web developer I know what a website needs to have to succeed in this area. Still, I neglected that for too long on my website.

Problems and mistakes I would never have on client websites popped up on my site and I needed to fix them. Here are all the SEO mistakes I had on my website and how I fixed them, so you can avoid these pitfalls.

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Multiple h1

I’ll start with the easiest one. I had several h1 on my pages! I don’t know how that happened, I guess I didn’t control it at all. Having a hierarchy ofƒ headings is crucial and I’m a little embarrassed that this happened on my site.

How I fixed it:

I used different tools to check the order of my headings on all pages and fixed them. I learned that having correct headings is not that more of a factor in getting ranked in search engines. Still, it is mandatory to make your website accessible. People who use a screen reader are dependent on a correct heading order to grasp the content of your website. Wave is a great tool to improve on that.

Trailing slashes

My site is built with Gatsby and deployed and hosted with Netlify. Netlify has this option to pretty print URLs, which adds trailing slashes to every link.

But I did not add them everywhere in my code in Gatsby. This resulted in a lot of 301 redirects where links without trailing slashes were redirected to them with it. That’s unnecessary and bad for SEO.

How I fixed it:

There were two ways to fix this problem. The first one would have been to disable the option in Netlify. This would have removed all the extra added trailing slashes. But it would have also left me with a great mixture of URLs with trailing slashes and without.

Since the majority of my URLs have them and Google also indexed them with trailing slashes, I chose the second option to fix this problem. This meant adding trailing slashes to every link I set in my code. It was a bit tedious but necessary and now I try to be consistent with it.

Canonical links

I did not set up canonical links at all on my site which is a big mistake. I often try to spread my blog posts on different platforms besides my website, like Opens in new tab and medium, to reach more people.

Not having set up correct canonical tags is a problem. If search engines look at pages with the same content, they can't find out which of the resources is the original one. This means my website could get a penalty for distributing duplicate content, although it’s my content!

How I fixed it:

I set up canonical links on my website and double-checked them on every page. I used the plugin gatsby-plugin-react-helmet-canonical-urls Opens in new tab to do that. It’s a great plugin that makes it easy to set up canonical links.

Canonical points to redirect

I had a lot of canonical links that pointed to 301 redirects. This is a combination of the two problems I explained before. I had URLs that were upperCase in my code, like this one /today-i-learned/performance-and-useMemo/

Once again the Netlify URL pretty print kicks in and tells the browser hey the actual URL is /today-i-learned/performance-and-usememo, so it’s not the same and we need a redirect! Oh no.

The problem here is, that the canonical URL stays the same (with upperCase) and that’s bad for SEO because we get another unnecessary redirect.

How I fixed it:

I made sure that all my URLs are lowercase. It’s a bit hard to get Netlify to acknowledge these changes so I had to delete the upperCase file, remove it from git and re-add it later with the lowercase URL.

404 - broken links

I’ve you’re blogging for some years, you may link to websites that don’t exist anymore, changed the URL, part of the URL, etc. I’ve had a lot of these issues.

How I fixed it:

It used a tool to analyze all blog post links and then updated or removed them. I thought about writing a CronJob which clicks on all the links on a newly published blog post. But in the end, it was not worth the effort.

Missing meta tags (and other stuff in the head)

The most important meta tags for me always were the media-query one, the utf-8, and the description.

Of course, I knew that there were way more but I didn’t know which made a huge difference for SEO. For example, I didn’t set the open graph tags and Twitter card tags at all on my site.

How I fixed it:

Once again I used a tool to analyze the head of my site and set all meta tags in my SEO component in Gatsby.


There are a lot of easy mistakes one can make, without even knowing about them. Take your time to inspect your website in the dev tools, check out the head tag, check if all meta tags are there, and set them to the correct values.

Use different tools to check your website. There are a lot of them out there. I’ll write a separate blog post soon on what kind of tools I recommend and use.

Fixing a11y mistakes also means SEO. First, we should optimize our websites to the best for our users. Doing the best we can to make them accessible and fast. Google recognizes if we succeeded in doing so and rewards us with a better page rank.


I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter Opens in new tab or via Email Opens in new tab.

If you want to support me, you can buy me a coffee. I would be very happy about it!

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I wish you a wonderful day! Marco