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I had the chance to help a lot of different clients to achieve their goals and make their customers happy by providing them with a modern website and supporting them with my web development skills. Below you can find a collection of some recent projects I've worked on.

screenshot of dieda website


In cooperation with:Werk8

Tools: React, Typescript, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Vercel, Algolia, Prismic, FormSpree


screenshot of andersontour website


Tools: React, Typescript, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Vercel, Prismic


screenshot of aerosol alliance website
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Web Developer Diary 03

It’s August already which means recapping everything that happened in July! July was a different month. A lot of heat in southern germany. With almost…

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Just hit publish

Writing blog posts is not easy. In fact I find it difficult. I have days were I can write a well researched blog post in a few hours. And I have days…

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The mistakes I made using React

In this blog post I’m gonna share all the mistakes I made, using React. Lately there is a lot of dicussions going on around using Reacts useEffect…

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