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I'm Marco - a Freelance Web Developer and I make websites.

Hi, and welcome!

I love to help people to get fast, accessible and great looking websites. Have an interesting project or idea?

Have a look at my skills and how I work and let’s see how I can help you!

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Web projects

I had the chance to help a lot of different clients to achieve their goals and make their customers happy by providing them with a modern website and supporting them with my web development skills. Below you can find a collection of some recent projects I've worked on.

screenshot of stuttgarter kickers website
screenshot of dieda website


In cooperation with:Werk8

Tools: React, Typescript, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Vercel, Algolia, Prismic, FormSpree


screenshot of aerosol alliance website
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What others are saying about me

Marco is a great developer and a great guy. In a phase of big uncertainty he came onboard, took responsibility and smoothed out a complicated transition. That couldn’t have worked out better. We’ll definitely keep him in our network, and so should you.

a picture of Christoph A. KolbChristoph A. KolbWahnsinn Design

During the year I worked with Marco, I have not only grown very fond of him, but I have also come to appreciate and admire his motivation. He is driven by the desire to improve both the teams he works with and the products he works on. He strives to find the best possible solution to a given problem while also knowing when to be pragmatic and move on. He does not get stuck on issues, and he isn't she about asking others for help.

Marco is approachable, knowledgeable, and pragmatic. He is constantly working on his own skill set, eager to solve more and greater challenges.

I hope to be able to work with Marco again. If you're looking for support with your project, Marco is an excellent choice

a picture of Dom HabersackDom Habersackfn teach GmbH

Working with Marco is a pleasure. Besides developing on a very high level he also contributes a lot to the planning phase of every project.

a picture of Thomas FischerThomas Fischertts GmbH

I really enjoyed working with Marco because he listens and his profound knowledge in web technologies and his understanding of User Experience make him a great partner for developing sustainable, user friendly software. I find it very inspiring that he likes to learn and share his knowledge. To this day I enjoy reading his blog posts.

Natali BoppSprintEins

Marco is an expert in front- and backend development (Jamstack, Next.js, Headless CMS, Tailwind CSS etc.). He is an integral part of our freelance network. We have already realized some digital projects with Marco.

Tobi SausseleWerk8

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