Developer Diaries 08

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Initially, I wanted to skip this version of the developer diary for December 2022. Unfortunately, it was a chaotic month with much context-switching, illness, and just pushing through until the year ended.

But then I thought it’s still interesting to reflect on a month like this, so here we are for Developer Diaries 08, the December 2022 edition!

👨🏻‍💻 Work

Work-wise, the month started well structured. I knew I wanted to do a little less this month, so I didn’t start any new projects. Instead, I worked 2-3 days a week for an agency from Stuttgart, where I helped with bug fixes and improving several features.

Besides that, we planned on finishing the Aerosol Alliance Website Opens in new tab, which I already talked about in the last episode of the Developer Diary. We made a lot of progress on this case over the previous weeks. We implemented many changes that made the site look more coherent.

As I already mentioned a few times, it’s a cooperation with my friends from Studio Vierkant Opens in new tab . It’s so much fun to work with them on this together. We meet up in their office for a few hours or a day, and we work next to each other and quickly ship many improvements.

I’m hoping for new opportunities in 2023 to start new projects together!

Work-wise in December, the biggest thing that happened was the finish and release of the new website for the Stuttgarter Kickers Opens in new tab , the second-biggest soccer club from Stuttgart.

Initially, my Friend Tobi from Werk8 asked me to help with a few things. In the end, I did most of the Backend and CMS development, and he did most of the Front-end development.

I love how the new website turned out. It’s super fast and a significant improvement. Was a lot of fun to work on that project.

📝 Blog Posts of the month

I made some progress on some blog posts, which lay deep down in my backlog for a while, but I didn’t finish one. On the one hand, this means not a lot of released posts in December 2022; on the other, it means I can kick-start 2023 with many cool new blog posts.

Here’s the only blog post from December 2022:

🎓 TIL Posts of the month

Here are the Today-I-learned posts for December 2022:

🏋🏻‍♀️ Fitness

The month started normally; I did my almost daily Yoga/workout session in the morning and felt good and healthy. Then I got sick like nearly everyone. I haven’t been this sick since Covid in June. Thankfully it wasn’t Covid again, but nevertheless, it was one week of being totally knocked out.

Here are my apple watch rings from December 2022

Apple Watch Rings December 2022

📚 Reading

I never thought this would happen, but I didn’t finish a single book this month. It’s mainly because I started one of the biggest ones I’ve ever read. It’s the first part of the Century Trilogy by Ken Follett, Fall of Giants Opens in new tab .

I’ve almost finished it, and I can’t wait to read parts two and three, although I know they also have more than 900 pages.

🕹 Video Games

We started playing the new Pokemon games on the switch, and we’re not too happy with them. Of course, playing Pokemon is always fun, but I didn’t get too engaged in it. Despite the terrible and unfinished look and the ton of bugs, which I can ignore, it doesn’t really feel motivated to me to explore on catch more Pokemon.

So I made a spontaneous decision and bought a totally new game. It’s Xenoblade Chronicles 3; I always saw my friend Dom playing it. So far I have enjoyed it a lot!

That’s it for the Developer Diary 08 in December 2022. See you next month!

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I wish you a wonderful day! Marco