Developer Diaries 10

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Welcome to Developer Diaries number 10! I recap everything that happened in February 2023. First and foremost: Happy Anniversary to me! My freelancing career turned one year on February the second. Yay!

👨🏻‍💻 Work

As expected, January was low and more relaxed, while February quickly increased speed. We had a lot of talks with possible future clients. We had pitches, chemistry meetings, and people contacting us for help to get a better website.

This is a lot of fun because it's always great to see when clients understand that we can help them a lot.

It's also interesting to see that with all these fantastic tools that enable people to build websites themselves without the knowledge to code, they still like to trust experienced contractors for everything beyond a simple landing page or a blog.

They either don't have the time, knowledge, or other resources and happily pay someone for it. But I also like the thought that these tools might do easier jobs for us, not to make us unemployed but to free us so that we can focus on other tasks.

That being said, I used ChatGPT for the first time in a helpful way (and not just to play with it), which sparred me so much time. It was way more efficient than googling. It'll be interesting to see how it will fit into a developer's workflow soon.

📝 Blog Posts of the month

I had a lot of fun writing last month and a lot of great ideas for new blog posts. However, my backlog is growing bigger, and I need to prioritize.

Here are the posts from February 2023:

I especially liked the WordPress vs. headless CMS because it stems from our discussion with almost every client. Everyone knows WordPress and has used it at some point. So they are tempted to use it again. It's a great thing about our job to show them that there might be better alternatives for their use case.

🎓 TIL Posts of the month

Here are the Today-I-learned posts for February 2023:

I'm really excited about the Cron Jobs in Vercel and can't wait to have an opportunity to try them out. It's interesting to see the fantastic output of the people at Vercel these days.

🏡 Life

Never felt the saying Life flies past so true like in the last month. I blink twice, and it's Wednesday. I blink again, and it's Saturday. It's crazy. That makes it even more important to me to enjoy the little moments. Pause more often and focus on the now. Don't think about the future too much. Cherish what I have now.

🏋🏻‍♀️ Fitness

I love my workout routine at the moment, and I found a great balance between everything sports related that I enjoy. It feels so diversified. I also started running again, which felt amazing. I tried running as slowly as possible to keep my heart rate low and ran almost ten kilometers.

It was the first time in ten years that I did that without pain, which is one of my most outstanding achievements from the last years. So cool.

Here are my apple watch rings from February 2023:

Apple Watch Rings from February 2023

📚 Reading

I finished two books last month and liked them a lot. Both were Christmas gifts, and it's great that I have people in my Life who manage to find books I might enjoy.

🕹Video Games

My wife started playing Hogwarts Legacy, and I can't even describe how much she loves it. It's so cool to watch her play it while whispering, "it's so pretty," every five minutes.

I have only tried it for a few minutes, but I plan to play it soon when my wife is done with her playthrough.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter Opens in new tab or via Email Opens in new tab.

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I wish you a wonderful day! Marco