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Squoosh App

This is not an actual Today I learned, because I already know about this tool for several months. Nevertheless I want to share it with you, because it's such a great tool I use almost weekly.

If you ever wondered what tool to use to improve your images for better website performance you should check out the Squoosh App . It's a web app that allows you to compress images in a variety of formats.

You just upload your image and choose the compression settings you want to use. The Squoosh App will then compress your image and you can download it.

It offers a lot of settings, like resizing, choosing the format, quality, etc. You can also compare the original image with the compressed one with a neat slider.

One of the best things about squoosh is, if you're worried about privacy: Images never leave your device since Squoosh does all the work locally.

I use it to compress all the images on my website. I use the WebP format resize it to drop all my images below 100kb. So if you haven't already, check out the Squoosh App and improve your website performance.

Greetings Marco

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