Today I learned

The a11y project

Today I learned about the a11y project. As you might know a11y stands for accesibility. It has 11 characters that's where the short-hand name comes from.

The a11y project is a community-driven effort to make digital accesiblity easer. They provide a ton of information on their website: the a11y project .

One of the greatest things they curate is a checklist , where you can check your WCAG compliance. I'm gonna use this checklist for every new web project from now on. And it's a shame that I haven't used it before.

Other than that they provide a big list of resources , be it books, newsletters, podcasts, talks, different tools or communities where you can participate to digital accessiblity.

So if you want to make the web more accessible, the a11y project seems to be a fantastic starting point to learn more about the fundamentals and principles of accessiblity.

Greetings Marco

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