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Incomplete list of CSS mistakes

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Today I learned that in the CSS Working Group Wiki exists anincomplete list of mistakes in the design of CSS ↗ . If you check out that list you will notice a lot of things you maybe already thought about, why they were designed this way and it does not seem perfect.

The thing is: as the list says in the beginning, these "mistakes" can't be changed, because they would break the whole internet.

Imagine "correcting" one of these mistakes. It would be a breaking change. Some of these design desicions are VERY old, like they exist since the origin version of CSS, which was created in 1996.

I can't even image how many websites would be affected by such a change.

So the only thing that is left for us to do here is look at this list, nod your head about the fact that box-sizing should indeed be border-box by default or top and bottom margins should never have been allowed to collapse and go on with our lifes.

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